The Art of Sutra

Sutra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient and sacred language of India. It also describes the teachings of the Buddha, the enlightened being who have mastered the truth, the knowledge and path of liberating the soul from samsara (continuous cycle of birth). Living is an Art, and Life is a blessing. Everything I do in my artwork – is a reflection of who I am – my soul mission and my contribution to humanity.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The story of 4 Rings

The work of science deals with reality. Reality is about color, size, shape, texture, quantity and volume. Is God Real?

Religion is all about faith. I believe in God.

The "X" factor, neither religion nor science. It is the impossible, unknown, unexplainable, ancient, mystery and mysticism. Where is God?

The designs and images of reality and fiction. I envisioned God.

I am all of You. I created all of you and I can destroy you. I am inside and also outside of you.

For those who ask, "Is God real?", I give death. Only death can awaken his soul.
For those who believe, I give life. The eternity.
For those who try to find Me, I give Religion. Learn from those who do not see but they believe.
For those who see Me, I give him Light. Let him describe Me as the Life-giver and Life-taker.

I created the illusion of TIME to give you all the opportunity to learn from each other. For only time will give you wisdom from all the knowledge you have received from Me.

I created SPACE to give you all the opportunity to exist. And seek the space that leads to bigger world.

The dark past is but a shadow of you Today. And today is your choice. Tomorrow, we'll see.
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