The Art of Sutra

Sutra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient and sacred language of India. It also describes the teachings of the Buddha, the enlightened being who have mastered the truth, the knowledge and path of liberating the soul from samsara (continuous cycle of birth). Living is an Art, and Life is a blessing. Everything I do in my artwork – is a reflection of who I am – my soul mission and my contribution to humanity.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time to blog!

It was almost 4 years when I stopped writing. It slipped off my memory that I've a blog! I even forgot the my user name and password. Well, searching my memory banks and a little patience, the door to my blog opened. Reading various comments, made me understand that I've stirred some emotions. Thanks to people who voiced-out their opinions, I really really appreciated you read it and the comments were constructive.

When I set-up this blog, I experienced a cross-over, so many things were extracted in my sublime consciousness. THEY WERE VOICES, SOUNDS, FIGURES and ELEMENTS OF NATURE. (Please allow me to write freely, without any borders or limitations. You'll be the editor of my thoughts, my borders and limits) The past 4 years became the edge, an equilibrium from the state of bewilderment to the state of peace and calm. I controlled those voices over-reacting to mundane world, share them my present views, my feelings as human and the hurt, pain and over-excitements slowly eased out.

A thing of logic is not new to me, I've worked background in business planning and implementation.

A thing of supernatural or spiritual was all new to me. I don't ask much for God's blessings. I feel that His blessings are already bestowed in my healthy condition, mentally fit to work and the passion to deliver my best. In times when I experienced a block or everything that surrounds me seemed stopping me to move forward. I feel the hurt and immediate exhaustion. Gradually, evaluating the situation, weigh the consequences and a voice of outcry for help, "Oh, God if this is the way and I've to do it then give me the strength and patience to overcome the obstacles. If not, take my consciousness wherever it is needed". This resulted to endless and no beginning, a meaning without end, patience and more patience. Most often, when I work, there's no prayers to begin with, I do my work so patiently, controlling the anger inside of me to make sure that I won't stop until I succeeded my goal. I'm hard-headed foold and emotions overpowering me most of the times. For me, knowing the way is to take action and realizing the outcome of the actions. Whatever the results are, it gave a new perspective or formula in the previous concept-theory. A short-cut method.

In my drawing, the depiction of emptiness is represented in the paper. The theme or title which I write in the center or in the header becomes the focal point. The story begins when the sketches, my hand move where the action takes place. If you've seen me draw, you'll realize that I'm placing the balance in my action. I don't draw on one part, finish an area and evaluate how it will look to make it in harmony. Instead, my hand moves automatically, from left to right, top to bottom. From these actions, I just realized that when I draw something on one coordinate it effects the other coordinate and continues to another. It's a domino effect but far from each other. I'll try to exemplify the action, and videoshoot the session so you can understand what I'm saying.

These are the processes which I feel embodies my spirit when I draw.

After many hundred drawings, it gave me an understanding of how our actions affect other people even living in so many thousand miles away or in another country.

The bewilderment or chaos theory in my drawing is the production of people's thoughts which isn't deliberate on my part, it's the intention of some people which I brought out to materialize in action. The confusion part is how may people react to the situation, good or bad. And in the end, it's the democracy that leads to stability and how majority of the people wanting peace and order.

When I understood the processes, I prayed to the Divine Source of the solutions or how to eliminate the bewilderment, chaos and confusion. He said, you can't stop the action, it's born from free will and justice. But you can stop people to think negatively so they will not suffer the pain. When a person feels pain, the action is out of control, there's a deliberate response from the person. Initiating a plan or instant hit without thought. I realized that we've to control our thoughts, speech and action because it will affect how other people will react to the situation.

If I'm forced-in to be silent or forced-out from my silence. I will give an action of my thoughts, speech and action. BE CAUTIOUS! These are the only words which I can say. Words of precaution.

Thanks be to God for All His Mighty and His Blessings! Thanks be to God for All the Love! May we hinder ourselves from punishment and suffering because of our free will. May the Light showers upon us and be wised. To think before we act. A pure consciousness is not in the child, the child is fragile or even dangerous in actions, a pure consciousness is in the individual who thinks and weighs the consequences of the action so the child may follow.

Please my brothers and sisters, we are in chaos situation and in threats of lots of confusion. We need many people to think sensibly and create good actions so most of the hurt will drift away. So much pain in this world that it can caused an eradication of humanity. If the time or science theory is applied, anything that begins has an end, anythings that rises will fall. We're on the brink of ending and falling. And only few will left, the chosen who'll start and rise again.


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