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Sutra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient and sacred language of India. It also describes the teachings of the Buddha, the enlightened being who have mastered the truth, the knowledge and path of liberating the soul from samsara (continuous cycle of birth). Living is an Art, and Life is a blessing. Everything I do in my artwork – is a reflection of who I am – my soul mission and my contribution to humanity.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Kalachakra, The Wheel of Time

My conversion to Hindu provided me a spiritual connection and education about the Almighty Father, reincarnation, atma (soul), karma, and moksha (deliberation).

When I was browsing some websites, I encountered the symbol of Kalachakra. It fascinated me and there's some kind of vibration swirling over my head. I downloaded the symbol and paste it to the wall where I live.

I remember that I have several artdrawings that has similar symbols like those in Kalachakra. Also, I was convinced that the flat form Kalachakra symbol has some connection with the grand structure Buddhist Monument Borobodur in East Java, Indonesia.

My spiritual meetings with several talented spiritualists in my group, disclosed another one of my incarnated figure. He told me that goddess Guan Yin (Kwan Im) resides in me and the goddess has a twin brother, the Lord Avalokistesvara who is believed to be the spirit material of the Dalai Lamas. He asked me, if I was born before as the Dalai Lama. I said spontaneously, "Yes, I am the Seventh Dalai Lama".

On one occasion, I browsed the Internet and was looking for information about the Seventh Dalai Lama. I found out that the Seventh Dalai Lama revived the practice of Kalachakra. I was trying to find some reaction and deliberation.

I asked myself, is it possible that a soul of a Great Teacher can be incarnated outside Tibet? And also, the belief that the 1st Dalai Lama down to 13th Dalai Lama are all incarnated souls of the present 14th Dalai Lama. Is it?

However, I am not one who is fond of titles. I am here to reach Moksha, to be one with my Holy Father.

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