The Art of Sutra

Sutra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient and sacred language of India. It also describes the teachings of the Buddha, the enlightened being who have mastered the truth, the knowledge and path of liberating the soul from samsara (continuous cycle of birth). Living is an Art, and Life is a blessing. Everything I do in my artwork – is a reflection of who I am – my soul mission and my contribution to humanity.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Decoding the Message from a Real Crop Circle

Isn’t it God’s willing that lead me to some incredible sites which feature articles about the Crop Circle. This picture has gotten my attention because it resembles the very symbols we (myself and the higher self) use in projecting our own imagery in the 4th dimension and popping to 5th dimension.

We have added our own decodification message to the outermost circle. Whatever it is, I can not reveal to you. It seems that the First Ancestor’s of the Earth are making an ultimatum to certain people in this planet. click 2x for better viewing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You talk of projection into the fourth Dimension, this is somthing I have been "Chasing" for some time now and I see you talking of it like an open doorway. Mine is just out of my reach, I dont want to go too deep into this but I am woundering if your help would be available.

Monday, 07 November, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! If you would tell me your email address. I would be glad to share some information with no obligation.

First, you've to learn about Body Chakra and Earth Chakra.

Second, maintain your balance between what is logical and what's not. Niki A.

Third, "know thyself".

Fourth, remember to give the "Maybe" answer to things you find illogical.

Some people just don't understand to make both ends meet. Remember, when you experience it, it's worth more than what your senses will find in this world.

Tuesday, 08 November, 2005  

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