The Art of Sutra

Sutra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient and sacred language of India. It also describes the teachings of the Buddha, the enlightened being who have mastered the truth, the knowledge and path of liberating the soul from samsara (continuous cycle of birth). Living is an Art, and Life is a blessing. Everything I do in my artwork – is a reflection of who I am – my soul mission and my contribution to humanity.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Big foot! Just joking, I'm size 5.

If you happen to know palmistry (psyche or systematic reading via the lines in your hands which foretells the character, the past and future of the person), then I introduce to you the FOOT READING. But I don't know how to call it. May I ask my friend Jean to give me the honor of establishing the watchamacallit, "FOOT READING", the breakthrough in supernatural at ego age of the 21st century?

This is my foot. Do you know want to know the story behind the drawing? We usually relate the foot with traveling or journey. If our body is the vehicle for the transcendent soul, then the FOOT OR FEET must be the tires. However, I must say that we should not put lightly what's in our foot or feet because in Hindu, we believed that the right leg down to the right foot has something to do with the paternal relationship and the left leg down to the left foot is related to maternal ancestors. So any sickness and symptoms of illness from those leg parts are automatically related to the spirit of the ancestors, and one must perform the "Guru Piduka" (ritual of visiting the family shrines and ask forgiveness with appropriate "banten" - offerings) to get rid of the illness.

But my story is different.

My foot holds a thousand journeys that can only be done through astral means. In short, I' m always dreaming, baby. I'm connected, on-line with the invisible and wireless cable in my head hooked-up to heavenly commands. Do this and don't do this. If not, suffering will come; if you obey you will be given a reward. This practice becomes a habit and I feel terrorize if I don't obey.

Nevertheless, I obey because I love who created me. Well, my foot foretells a journey to heaven, and if I reach it, you will be the first one to know.

click 2x for bigger pix.


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