The Art of Sutra

Sutra comes from Sanskrit, the ancient and sacred language of India. It also describes the teachings of the Buddha, the enlightened being who have mastered the truth, the knowledge and path of liberating the soul from samsara (continuous cycle of birth). Living is an Art, and Life is a blessing. Everything I do in my artwork – is a reflection of who I am – my soul mission and my contribution to humanity.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Spiritual Cleansing by Air

An evening of chanting and prayers. It is believed that chanting invokes celestial spirits, cleanses the aura of the person and spins the chakra. After praying the Panca Sembah (Balinese way of praying), the participants will be requested to chant several mantras repetitiously.

The hymns and incantations that fill the air bring the mind to total concentration in a very relaxing way. From alpha or beta wave to delta wave, emptying the thoughts and achieving the zero point where the higher self enters the consciousness. Focusing on the mantra, the chakra spins and cleanses the aura of the self.
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